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Like us, you’re probably fed up with all this talk of doom and gloom. So don’t worry, we’re not going to mention the “R” word. Instead we’re going to show how you can sustain and grow your business during this difficult period.

All too often, in an attempt to cut costs, many businesses jump the gun and introduce redundancies ...don’t – not without first considering all other options. Your people are after all your biggest assets!

Oftentimes in business we fail to look at the bigger picture. The benefits of conducting a full operational review can be of enormous benefit in establishing “how fit” your business really is, and what actions may now require to be taken to get it “back in shape” to meet the challenges ahead.

Business success depends on a range of factors. We call them the
5 p’s: People, Process, Performance, Productivity and Profit.

It’s only when you stand back and review your entire operation that the necessary changes can be identified to improve your business performance, generate efficiencies and introduce competiveness, to ensure that your business is best positioned to sustain and grow in the future.

We’re Windsor HRM and we specialise in improved business performance through better people and process management.

With over 30 years experience across a range of business sectors, we’re experts when it comes to restructuring and rationalisation. By indentifying where areas where changes can be made, we can improve your business performance, identify opportunities to introduce efficiencies to enable improved competiveness and ultimately increase your profit.

All businesses are now understandably looking for added value in what they spend, a better return on their investment and most importantly, how best to navigate through the economic downturn. Many of our clients have benefited from attending our Phoenix Programme, which offered them the skills and knowledge of our experienced professionals in areas of people, performance, cost efficiencies and marketing opportunities.

If you feel that your business could benefit from our experience and knowledge, we would be delighted to hear from you - and as always our initial consultation will be free of charge.

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Tony McLaughlin- Managing Director