Windsor HRM


Depending on your exact requirements, we can provide some or all of the following services:

  • Operations Review:
    This is an audit of the roles and responsibilities, systems and structures, policies and procedures within your organisation. By identifying areas where changes can be made, performance can be improved and profit increased.

  • Performance Management:
    This involves the design and implementation of management systems to improve people performance and support business development. It’s about getting the best from people by refocusing and aligning their activities to achieve tangible benefits.

  • Change Management:
    This is where we help clients through periods of organisational change to restructure their business for greater efficiency and improved profitability.

  • Employment Legislation:
    This is where we offer management support in relation to best practice on compliance with current and pending employment law, including the preparation of the Company Handbook to refl ect the terms and conditions of employment, policies and procedures.

  • Employee Relations:
    Advice and assistance, through independent mediation and facilitation, on grievance and disciplinary issues as well as conflict management and resolution with unionised and non-unionised personnel.

  • Telephone Support:
    Immediate and direct access to HR expertise as and when required.

  • Recruitment & Selection:
    Client support for specific projects and recruitment campaigns.

  • Psychometric Testing:
    Support with personality profiling with recruitment and selection processing as well as development programmes for talent management.

  • Training & Development:
    We can offer training, development and mentoring programmes to managerial, front line staff in a range of areas to support personal, business development and performance enhancement.
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  • Outplacement:
    We can assist with the preparation for outplacement and redeployment of employees following business restructuring and redundancy programmes in identifying future career options, preparation for change, including qualified counselling and psychotherapy services as required.